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get fake reviews on amazon

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get fake reviews on amazon


get fake reviews on amazonmythreadbox gives you the unique ability to color match most major thread palettes to alternate colors - this gives you the freedom to choose what thread you wish to use to sew out a design.  it does this by running calculations on the red/green/blue color values of the thread color itself, rather than relying on the manufacturer cross reference table (which are usually incomplete or inaccurate - when they can be found). 

if you have ever tried to hand-match 25 colors on a complex design to 3 or 4 different tables (and usually the cross between the palettes you need does not exist - you have to jump from one to the other to another), then sort through your collection to see if any of the possible alternates are in your personal stash,  you have no doubt came to the conclusion that it is simpler to just go out and buy the recommended thread palette.  nice for the thread makers, bad for you - would'nt it be nice to just type in the colors you need and have a list printed out for you (including showing the matches that are in your thread stash)?

mythreadbox gives you a good alternative to all that work and time spent - we do it for you!!  we also give you the ability to find alternates when your dealer or supplier does not stock the right color for your design as it also searches within the same palette for a match within tolerances.

runs on any pc with windows95 or better, including both flavors of xp (home and pro) - your monitor should be able to display 800x600 resolution (most pc's built in the last 5 to 6 years can do that - if in doubt check with the people that sold you the pc) - any inkjet or laser printer supported by your version of windows will work for printing our shopping list.

feature description
color match to and from 36 major thread palettes
matches pantone standard process solid colors
shows and prints shopping list
color match percentage (tolerance) shown and ranked
visual color chips on screen
custom colors from windows color control
user definable match tolerance settings
ability to include or exclude palettes from comparison
updateable when new palettes and colors released
user thread database (mystash) including qty on hand and location
ability to search stash by name
save color conversions for future use - search by design name
user definable screen colors
matches against user database and indicates on shopping list which matches are in user database
printed listing of user database by palette or all
online help file
available as download (no freight charges)
available on cdrom (freight charges apply)
new premium version available with unlimited free upgrades for life
free downloadable demo version

get fake reviews on amazon

was: $89.95
now only: $64.95


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